Body confidence, inside and out

Start your journey towards overcoming body insecurities, self-doubt, and negative life patterns today.

Strength is about more than just the physical

My journey towards body confidence started through fitness classes and understanding the importance of diet and exercise. But it wasn’t until I discovered Reiki and mindfulness meditation that things really started to change. After that, I realised there’s so much more to true body confidence than just our physical shells.

Now, as a fully certified Body Confidence Wellness Coach and Reiki Master Practitioner with a huge amount of experience in the diet and fitness industry, I can help you achieve complete body confidence by helping you work on the missing pieces of the puzzle. Plus, throughout the process, I will be your motivator and cheerleader. We’ll create goals together, and I’ll guide you to find the right physical activities to help you achieve your goals. I’m here to help you find body confidence inside and out. Ready to take the leap? Let’s start this journey together.

The four pillars of body confidence

The four pillars of body confidence

Working with you to connect your

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul body

I’ve spent many years in the fitness industry as a fitness coach and gym owner. Over this time, helping people to become fitter and healthier, I came to realise that the people who achieved their biggest fitness goals were the ones who found motivation within — working on all four body confidence pillars: physical, mental, emotional and soul. Now I help people like you to work on these same pillars.

Coaching to help with all four pillars

Uncover the missing pieces of the body confidence puzzle with in-depth one-to-one or group coaching unique to your circumstances.

Reiki for soul-body healing

Working on your soul-body will help you restore balance, free your mind, and tap into your body’s innate healing for body confidence inside and out.

What my clients say…

“Justine is a fantastic choice if you want to combine working on your mind, body and soul or just one part.
She is a very warm, bubbly soul who exudes compassion, making it very easy to open up to her and the experience.  She has a way of getting you to tap into your inner self without pressure and lots of positive encouragement.
Even though there is a plan and structure to the classes, she was always willing to step outside of the framework to tailor the sessions to me and no answer was wrong.
All in all Justine is a very confident, competent, warm soul and would do her utmost to provide the appropriate tools to enhance the lives of anyone who is fortunate to work with her.”
Yolanda A

“Working with Justine has helped me explore more of my soul side that has in turn given me closure, peace and confidence for my life ahead of me.
This has also allowed me to love who I was, who I am now, what I stand for and the skin I am in and appreciating my whole journey to now.
I look forward to ensuring that this is the new me and that despite Justine being with me every step of the way, I am now the Butterfly who is free.”

Alex H
“I was very excited to explore a little bit more about myself and how I can help myself become more at peace and more calm and be able to cope with the stresses of the day-to-day running of my business.
There were some fascinating exercises to shine a light on how I can improve my mental well-being. I now put these practices into place every day.
I no longer speak down to myself or of myself. I feel so much stronger, more confident, and I will certainly be using some of the tools I’ve learnt from Justine moving through for the rest of my life to help me be happier more at peace with myself.”
Liz T

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